Administrator Cris Ward

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Administrator Cris Ward

Jenna Spence

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When did you decide that you wanted to work with computers?

“I decided at a small age, I decided when I was five years old. My uncle worked on computers and was really big with them. He actually gave me my first laptop when I was five. It tells you how old they are-they were one color. It had a blue screen and that was it. White letters. So as soon as I started playing with those, it just kind of took off from there.”


Have you ever encountered a problem that you can’t fix?

“We encounter problems all the time. The big thing with technology is we depend on a lot of outside companies for help. If it’s something, for example, like the filter issues right now, we have to contact the outside companies to fix the issues because we don’t have access to fix their stuff. Right now the internet access for all of the students has been down because our web filter is not working correctly. On average, between seeing me and the librarians, I’d say close to forty people a day come in with problems.”


What is the weirdest thing someone has asked you to fix?

“Honestly, I have students come in all the time. They show me what they’re having a problem with, and I’ll walk through the steps just like they did and it works just fine. I think that would be [what] the students get frustrated the most about.”


What do you do outside of work?

“I just started coaching eighth grade football this year for Liberty, so that’s a fun activity. I have a newborn and she’s five months old, so I love to play and interact with her. Her name is Kinsley Ward.”


Who do you look up to?

“Somebody I look up to is my wife. She always knows how to solve issues when it comes to a crisis. She may get stressed out, but she can always find a way to fix any problem. My best friend would be my wife as well. We’ve been through a lot together and we’ve been together a long time. We’ve grown so close and conquered a lot. I think we’ve been together for six or seven years.”


Jenny Ward Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principals

How would you describe your husband?

“He is a foundation. Not only at home, but in the work place. He is constantly responsible and reliable in everything that he does.

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