Statement Piece

Fashion has taken a toxic turn with new trends.


     The world of fashion is always evolving. Always a new color in season, new shoe that are more popular or a must have top. These trends bring to attention that we may not wear the clothes we wear because we like the, but that there popular. In this time, where its popular to wear what’s trendy, many of us are at fault for following these constantly changing trends but not adhering to our own personality and likes

   This cycle in trends creates short-term trends which become widely popular within months. With this pattern, following trends can become expensive and environmentally harmful. On top of this, some people may just be buying clothes to fit in to the stereotypical standard, but never truly liking what they’re wearing. I have found from experiences where I followed a trend just because everyone else was, and not because I actually enjoyed it. 

   According to TZR, “It would not have such an immense platform and such incredible popularity if not for the ‘everyday’ people who are using social media as a powerful instrument of self-expression.”

   But, with social media platforms, and influencers and celebrities, we have become easily influenced by this toxic cycle with this constant reminder of what everyone else is wearing. This create a deeper desire for us to buy these products. 

According to Heuritech, “The life cycles of fashion trends today have changed; technology and social media have rendered them much shorter and less predictable than in the past.”

   Some may argue we are not manipulated to what’s trendy, and we just wear the clothes we but, When people wear the clothes they want to wear, it gives us a chance to express our identity visually and tactilely. 

   According to The Objective Standard, “Way beyond functions of protection or warmth, we recognize the power of clothes to proclaim or augment individual and collective identity.”

   While there may not be one specific solution to this problem, trends can become toxic and short term ways to follow others instead of expressing yourself.