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Super Superbowl

Photo by Mara Fryer

Photo by Mara Fryer

Photo by Mara Fryer

Marcus Myvett

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The 52nd Super Bowl was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The Philadelphia Eagles and the referees, sorry, New England Patriots, made it one of the most enjoyable football games I’ve watched.

The stats themself just show how crazy it was. The two teams totalled up for 1151 offensive yards, making a new record for most yards by both teams. There was a total of 54 first downs, also taking down the record for most first downs by both teams. They combined for 143 total plays and a total of 22 drives.

Tom Brady is now the oldest QB to compete in a Super Bowl. He also shattered his old record of most passing yards in a Super Bowl with 500 total passing yards. Nick Foles is also the first QB to both throw and catch a touchdown pass. The Eagles’ trick-play involved Foles pretending to change the play as the ball got snapped to running back Corey Clement, who pitched the ball to tight-end Trey Burton, who lofted an easy pass to an uncovered Foles in the end zone.

Now, as trades are being made, players are being released into free agency and rumors of all-stars, like Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski, retiring, all eyes in Kansas City are on former Chiefs QB Alex Smith. The Chiefs and the Washington Redskins agreed to trade Smith for a third-round pick and Redskins cornerback Kendall Fuller. Fuller has had a total of 97 tackles in his career, along with one forced fumble and four interceptions. Those stats aren’t breathtaking but Fuller has only just completed his second season in the NFL after being a third round draft pick.

I, for one, think the trade was a decent trade. The Chiefs got a young CB and a decent draft pick, but Smith is getting way overpaid with his new team. ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen reported that Smith would sign a four-year extension with the Redskins, averaging $23.5 million per year with $71 million in guaranteed money. Yes, Smith is a very good QB, but that’s a lot of money. The Chiefs saved enough money to stay $17 million under their salary cap.

So the Chiefs are starting over with new players, like Patrick Mahomes, who is now the starting QB, but does new mean better? We’ll figure it out next season.


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Super Superbowl