High Risk, High Reward

Business students at Liberty High School created products to distribute for their semester project.


Young Entrepreneur(YE) Market Day is a business opportunity for the students of Intro to Business class to gain insight on the pros and cons of creating and selling products. The Market Day took place in the Black Box on April 20 lasting from first to fourth lunch shift. 

   “I was very thankful to get a jumpstart into what I’m interested in doing in the future,” junior Ian Everett said.

   Students were able to practice making their own product and distributing it on a stand. Generating their own revenue made the project most entertaining. Although the process from the beginning was not easy. 

   “I learned a lot about the struggle through the process of creating a product idea that people would buy,” Everett said. 

   Like Everett, many students found the realization of being an entrepreneur is a difficult task. According to World First, “A 2015 survey showed that 41% of small business owners feared losing control over their business’s processes, while around 27% were concerned about the cost of implementation. A further 26% were hesitant about the efficacy.”

   To become a successful entrepreneur, one must be able to take those risks as high reward could be favorable although it is not expected. 

   “With this project, the outcomes are not always in students’ favor,” business teacher Scott Howard said. “Like the real world, sometimes products are just not ‘in’ or appealing at times making it tough to find the right product to distribute.” 

    In the end, YE Market Day led to success with many students achieving active engagements in their personal stands.. From food to clothing items these business students gained good communicative selling skills and a sense of self-fulfillment from another overall exceptional market day down in the books.