Rooting for Knowledge

Tips and tricks for gardening this spring.

  A seed is planted in the ground, which sprouts a bud, and with the right amount of water, sunlight and time, a beautiful plant forms. Spring starts on March 20, which makes this season perfect for gardening. 

   Gardening can be beneficial in many ways like improving the environment and the people in it.        

   “Gardening is good for a great many things. It can be good for your health, good for your soil, and good for the wildlife in your backyard,” According to Green Matters. 

   There are many steps to starting a garden. All of these steps are essential to creating a thriving, healthy garden. 

   “A major factor required for plants is photosynthesis. One thing that could be done is to place your plants under indirect bright light in a bright spot. The moisture of the plant is related to the hydration of the soil which is achieved by simply watering the plant. Here, you must take care not to commit the mistake of overwatering or under watering,” GKVK states.

   Depending on the location, the season and weather it may or may not be suited for a garden. Gardens can be put in many places. Gardens need enough water and sunlight to survive, so the best time to start a garden is in early spring. 

   “For some plants, you need to start in May, if you’re going to plant the tomatoes, you need to observe the seasons and weather around you,” Spanish teacher Astrid Ruiz. 

   Gardens don’t only affect us, but our planet and the animals in it. Despite being human-made, they represent a natural environment. Plants can be very beneficial to our environment. 

   “Plants and trees grow there, taking in carbon and releasing oxygen. The roots of these plants stabilize the soil and filter water,” Green matters said. 

   Starting a garden requires tools and equipment to start. Some things you will need are gardening spears, soil, seed and a space to use or even a pot. These can be found at stores like Home Depot and Lowes. 

   According to Garden design, “Gardening can take up a lot of space and cost a lot of money, but staying focused on the basics can keep your shed or storage area from becoming overcrowded. There’s always bigger and better, but buying the best quality tools that your budget will allow, and maintaining them, can go a long way in getting the most out of your investment,” 

   Gardening can be a safe place to relax. Studies have found gardening and horticultural therapy can: reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

One benefit of gardening is that it helps you with your stress level.”

— Spanish teacher Astrid Ruiz


   “One benefit of gardening is that it helps you with your stress level, something that we have seen in a lot of students that we have here that they are so stressed, and when gardening, their stress level goes down,” Ms. Ruiz said.

   With some of the benefits, starting a garden can create a new hobby, improve your health, help the environment and create something beautiful and long-lasting.

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