Conspira-See It?

Students share their favorite conspiracy theories.

Danny Johnston

Put on your tin foil hat, cover your webcam with a piece of tape and wait for the imminent arrival of the lizard people, because conspiracy theories are peaking in popularity at LHS. In today’s society, there have never been more believers when it comes to conspiracy theories. From Shane Dawson to Reddit forums, it has never been easier to find and learn about different conspiracy theories.

There are many popular conspiracy theories ranging from suspicion regarding the legitimacy of Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza to rumors of money laundering within the local Mattress Firm locations. For LHS, there are many theories enjoyed among the student body.

Photo by Emma McDonald

“I think the government is responsible for the California wildfires,” sophomore Addison Broome said. “There are even photos to prove it. People have created heat rays over the years to where something like dry grass could instantly catch on fire and even combust. Heat rays like this are invisible to the human eye but can be picked up in pictures.”

To some this may come as a surprise, but not even Pixar and Disney are safe from the earth shattering conspiracies that come from the internets collective mind.

“I believe Toy Story 3 is more or less based off of events that took place during the Holocaust,” junior Brody Muller said. “There are just certain scenes in the movie that seem like they could symbolize some of the things that took place during the Holocaust, such as Andy’s toys getting sent to a facility once he leaves for college, Lottso being a forceful, violent leader, and lastly in the final scene of the movie there is an incinerator in the trash facility the toys wind up in.”

Although there are an abundant amount of conspiracy theory believers walking the LHS halls, there are a few people who are not fans of the stories.

“I’ve never come across a conspiracy theory that has enough evidence to back it up,” English teacher Amanda Derryberry said. “I am not against conspiracy theories in general, but all of the ones I’ve heard, such as the moon landing, just haven’t been believable.”

Photo by Emma McDonald

At the end of the day, the reason for the creation of all these mind boggling conspiracies is unknown. However, it could very well be chalked up to friendship, as there is an entire community of people
all across the world that are extremely passionate about the discovery and formulation of new theories. As of December 2018, Reddit has three hundred and thirty million users. Clearly, on these forums, there is a certain level of camaraderie that comes from online discussions over new and interesting theories. So, was the moon landing staged? Are there subliminal messages in children’s cartoons? Is Tupac still alive? Sometimes, it is hard to just sit back and accept that the world may never know.