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Tastes like Chicken

A review of the most talked about chicken places in Liberty.

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Photo by Chrystian Noble

   Chick-Fil-A’s three piece tender was Chick-Fil-Tastic. It was fresh and hot and came out quickly. The chicken was slightly juicy and had a hint of pepper in the breading, which was really satisfying. The fries were crispy and had a good amount of seasoning, so I didn’t have to add any of my own. The breading was thin and wasn’t very consistent throughout the tenders but compared to everything else, I felt like it was a slight flaw. The only part I didn’t enjoy about their fries is the potatoey part in the back of the curved fries it kind of takes the flavor out of it. And as always, the Chick-Fil-A sauce was on point. I tried a new sauce called Garlic and Herb Ranch and it was surprisingly tasty. The servers were kind and they made me feel at home. With all the natural light in the place, it felt relaxed and easygoing. The kid play zone was soundproofed, so I didn’t have to hear kids screaming while I ate. They had instrumental music playing over the speakers, which was calming. Overall, the service was great. A three piece tender meal with fries and a drink priced at $6.89 is not a bad deal. Because all of their other stuff is good, I bet if they made toast, it all would be fantastic.

Raising Cane’s

Photo by Hayden Graham

   This was my first visit to Cane’s, so I was pretty excited. I’m sad to say it wasn’t everything people had hyped it up to be. The food came fairly fast but not as fast as the others had. The chicken was slightly dry and the breading had no seasoning to it, which caused the whole chicken to become bland. If you dipped it in their sauce, though, it made it much better. The fries also came without seasoning and some weren’t cooked all the way through. But as with the chicken, if you dipped it in their sauce, it tasted much better. The toast was average. One side was toasted and one looked like it just came out of the bread bag. It also didn’t have any seasoning but the sesame seeds on the top gave it a slight flavor boost. To me, the sauce was the best part. The service there was excellent. The servers were friendly and acted as though they had known me for a long time, which improved the experience. The music was a mix of oldies and modern music, which I enjoyed. The seating was a little cramped but also cozy. I think the three chicken tenders, fries and a drink for $6.59 was worth it, yet I felt kind of let down because it wasn’t as tasty as everyone hyped it up be.

Slim Chickens

Story by Chrystian Noble

   I got a three piece from Slim’s, which proved to be better than Chick-Fil-A. The chicken was crisp and slightly steaming and, like Chick-Fil-A, had some pepper in the breading. The fries were great and I liked them much better than the waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A. They put some seasoning on it that I love, because it’s salty, sweet and slightly tangy, which is an interesting combination. The food came quickly but the service wasn’t the best. The toast had a pinch of garlic that made it unique from everything else on the plate and added a new flavor to the mix. The bread was a little cold but with everything else, I easily overlooked that. The Slim sauce was tasty and if you dip the chicken in it, it makes the whole meal complete. The atmosphere of Slim’s is also relaxed. The interior is white with red accents and gives you the feel of a diner, especially with blues music playing softly in the background. The guitars and basses on the walls, along with the TV’s, gave me something to look at while I was waiting for the food, so it didn’t seem like a super long wait. At $6.99, three tenders, fries, a drink and two pieces of toast, Slim’s is my favorite chicken place in town.


Photo by Hayden Graham

   Like Cane’s, this was my first visit to Zaxby’s and I ended up having to go twice. Both times, the food was surprisingly delicious. The fries had a well balanced seasoning with a hint of cajun. The chicken had a thick breading and it was consistent throughout the tenders. It wasn’t really juicy, but it still had a delicious flavor. The sauce was really good. It was similar to Canes’ sauce. I had to go twice, because the first time I went, the service wasn’t the greatest. The man who took my order wasn’t being very professional and when I asked for a to-go box, he brought out my food on a plastic plate. When I went back the second time, the service was much better. It was packed but the servers were calm and collected. They asked me how my day was and were nice overall. I asked for my meal to go and they brought it out in a box and bag. So maybe the first time I went, they were just having a bad day. I think that the three piece tender with fries for $5.99 was worth the cost, but I still wish I didn’t have to back twice.

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Tastes like Chicken