That Was So Two Years Ago

MacKenzie Sackett, Online News Manager

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by MacKenzie Sackett |

Remember being a sophomore? These seniors reminisce about their first steps into LHS and offer the incoming sophomores some good advice.

senior Chelsea Sharp-

“People don’t care if you’re in your sweats all the time, just don’t look like you rolled out of bed.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we ARE the ones with the high school experience.”

“DO NOT stop and stand in the middle of the hallways to talk to your friends during passing periods. We ALL have places to go; when you’re a junior you will understand.”

“Don’t try to become friends with upperclassmen. Just be yourself and friendships will blossom.”

“Get involved! Join a club, sport, activity, and maybe even get a job. You will have a ton of friendships blossom there where you will have something in common with someone.”

senior Brooke McPheeters-

“I felt like I was in China, too many people, too many classrooms. But we all got used to it and actually arrived at our classes in good time. Just remember to breathe, inhale, and exhale. It’s not too bad after a while.”

senior Scott Prewitt-

“On my first day as a sophomore my thoughts were, ‘Whoa, I’m really in high school now.’ Now funny shenanigans can happen like in an 80s teen movie.”

“My advice is to keep moving in the halls. If you don’t you’ll get run over. Don’t let youtself get overwelmed, high school can be fun. Don’t try to rush through the time you have here because it goes by really fast.”

senior Erica Aguirre-

“I was so scared just to enter the building. It was so intimidating to me. But now that I look back at it, there was nothing to be scared of. High school has taught me so many lessons and I’ve met so many people along the way. I wouldn’t change a thing!”

“Break away from your normal clique and experience other people and make new kinds of friends. It might surprise you how much in common you have with people.”

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