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Aly Copp

Senior Aly Copp is an all American girl. She’s has lived in liberty since she was four years old, but she is a city girl. She wants to live in California or New York. She would love to move to California after high school but she wants to be a teacher as she get’s older so money will be a tight situation.

She has loved her high school years.

“I feel like a lot of people change in their high school years and I found my niche and my group of friends that I really Enjoy,” Copp said.

She’s changed throughout high school and feels like she’s going to make new friends throughout college but always remember her old friends and keep contact with them.

“Zach is my very best friend in the world and he gets me better than anyone else and I would love to stay in contact with him after we go to college,” Copp said.

Outside of school she loves to hang out with her friends, write, read and she has a job at Famous Footwear so she’s constantly at work. She’s better known as the Editor of the newspaper.

“I chose newspaper because I’ve always liked writing. I’ve always been in the gifted writing classes and it was always something I was good at naturally. I like to do it and I want to pursue it ,” Copp said.

She is sad to leave high school but excited and looking forward to what comes after.


Aly Copp, Editor in Cheif

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Aly Copp