A Hit at KSA

Ladys Jays go undefeated in the Orlando tournament.

   The women’s volleyball team went undefeated in the Orlando KSA without dropping a single set. With a winning record, they are one of the top ten teams in the state. At the tournament they played teams from states like Texas, New York, Oklahoma, and more. They won all three games in the bracket, winning the whole tournament, with their top players being Aisha Aiono, Ashley Mullen, and Brooklyn Young, and head coach Fleming.

The varsity women’s volleyball team huddles amidst an intense match against Park Hill on Thursday, Sep 8. The Jays went on to win 3-2 against their opponent. This was the team’s first match back at home after re- turning from the annual KSA tournament in Orlando, Florida, where they went undefeated. “Having a good bond with your team really helps you play better on the court,” said Senior Brooklyn Young.

    “I think the atmosphere of the volleyball team is pretty great,” Head Volleyball Coach April Fleming said. “They work well together, and I really think that they enjoy being around each other and playing the game. I really love coming in after school and seeing the kids.” 

   The players were not just physically challenged, but also mentally challenged at the tournament. Especially because they played multiple games in a day and were being watched by family and colleges. 

   “We let the pressure fall off and work together as a group and not as individuals on the court. Every time we work together, it’s better than when we work apart,” senior Middle Blocker Aisha Aiono said.

   Tickets are three dollars for students general admission and five dollars for adult general admission and can be found on the athletic website under the tickets tab. You can watch the games on the sports marketing classes’ Instagram who will live stream the games.