A Bump Up

Women’s Volleyball players bond as they reach their season goals.

Victoria McCoy, Sidney Lowry, and Amelia Hasan

The Women’s Volleyball team wrapped up their season with a run in the districts. In the first district game Liberty won 25 to 11 in the first set and 25 to 13 in the second set. Their next game was against Kearney where they won 25 to 23 in both sets.

After spending their season studying St. Teresa’s Academy for their last game in the districts, they barely lost.

“At the beginning, we started off as a quiet team and we were playing as individuals,” senior Kate Schmidt said. “We started to mesh together and to have a lot more communication while we were on the court. ”

Creating a tight-knit team can be a challenge. There can be some disagreements. The team gets to know

each other through a sleepover before their season starts and soon the team becomes inseparable.

“At the beginning, we could barely trust each other and at the end, we could read each other like a book,” senior Lauren Tali said. “We’re all like sisters and I would call them my family. I would call on those girls anytime I was in a situation where I needed help.”

The trip to Florida for a tournament was towards the beginning of the season when the team barely knew each other. It brought them closer and taught them the skills they would need for the season.

“We played teams we had never heard of when we went to Florida,” junior Meghan Schneider said. “When we came back we were prepared for the teams we already knew.”

During the trip to Florida the team played a couple of games every morning and spent the rest of their time at Universal Studios and team dinners. Once they got back to their hotel rooms they would catch up on homework and spend time with each other while watching movies.

After the team arrived home, the preparation for the upcoming season began and the team continued to grow.

“With each game, we learned a little bit more about each other and the things that worked for the team,” coach April Fleming said. “Some of the skills and strategies we worked on perfecting translated into the next game.”

Through their strong start to the Volleyball season and team building, the team made their way up to districts. Others can see the struggle and preparation that the varsity team went through to make their way to the top.

“I didn’t play in districts, but I felt like it was a lot of hard work and dedication they had to put in,” freshman Rebecca Wright said. “There was never an off moment and they were in it the whole way.”

At the end of the Volleyball season, the team raised money for Dig for a Cure, an organization where all of the proceedings are set aside to help find a cure for breast cancer.

A website and raffles were put up to help raise money. Through this fundraiser, the team raised $1,700, which is more than they have ever raised before.

Liberty and Liberty North then played against each other. Liberty won the game with 25 to 17 in their first set and 25 to 20 in the second.

“It made us step out and look at the situation. We thought about how fortunate we were to be able to play volleyball,” Schneider said. “Playing for people who couldn’t was reiterated through practice and this humbled us.”


Athlete of the Month Junior Meghan Schneider

Schneider helps her team through positivity and dedication. She is confident the team has the potential to go even farther next year.

Photo by Chrystian Noble

Coach April Fleming

“She is the setter for our volleyball team. The setter is kind of like the quarterback on the football team, she touches the ball probably more than anybody else. Her position is extremely important to us winning.”

Teammate junior Elizabeth Stepp

“She brings a lot of positivity, encouragement and she makes sure to say something to every person on the court between every play. She really helps people feel more confident.”

Meghan Schneider

“I will be playing in college, I love high school volleyball. I love the girls and the coaches. Coming to the gym every single day after school is a really good stress reliever. I also love winning the championships and the tournaments.”