Springing Into Action

Spring sports continue with each team hoping for wins.

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   Pitch, swing, hit. The baseball season has started off with thirteen wins and only four losses.    

   “People should look forward to a team that is going to in all games that we play and loves to play small ball, which you don’t see in baseball anymore,” Coach Vince Armilio said.               

   Baseball is a mental game that takes focus and determination as well as perseverance. It’s a sport where some days go the desired way and some go the complete opposite of expectations.

   “It has definitely taught me to keep a level-head and to keep your emotions level because with another pitcher being on the mound you’ve got to keep your cool,” Hendricks said. “It has definitely taught me that when something goes wrong to sit back and take a deep breath because you can’t change it.”

   Hendricks just wants this team to make a impression everyone will remember and talk about.

   “I want this team to be remembered as the team that won it all,” Hendricks said. “We always think about the 2002 team that one it all. I want to be remembered as the team that when all the way and had a great season and were all good friends with each other.”


   The Women’s Soccer team is a band of closely knit girls that thoroughly enjoy their teammates and coaches. With the absence of several from the team due to graduation, these seniors are thinking about the way their memory will live on at LHS.

“We’re actually reading a book this year called The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch,” Nash said. “One thing that we always talk about is the concept of brick walls being in front of you and only slowing you down rather than stopping you.”

   Nash believes the girls’ progress throughout the year has grown immensely and enjoys the experiences that have shaped his coaching style and the team as a whole.

   “The team is really good this year,” Price said. “I just want to shock a lot of people with our talent as a whole and show all the hard work we’ve been putting in.”


   Another sport amongst the spring season is track and much like the others, the leaving of seniors will be an emotional one.

   Senior Autumn Avery is among the many that plan to cherish their high school sport experience but is excited for new things to come.

   “Challenging is definitely a word that comes to mind when describing my experience here,” Avery said. “Although I love what I do, it took a lot of time and effort to get where I are right now.”

   Coach Pam Koch can attest to the claim of hard work due to last year’s pay off.

   “Last year we were really successful and I would say this year as of today we have not been as good as we were last year,” Koch said.

   “But it doesn’t mean that at the end when it really counts that we won’t be, it’s just maybe taking us a little bit more time this year.”

    Each senior participating in track or any sport leaves their legacy for future years to remember. Avery is like many others and plans to try to leave her mark for javelin.

   “Right now I hold the school record for javelin and maintaining that is my goal,” Avery said. “I plan on just trying to throw farther so that people can’t beat the progress I’ve made.”

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