Ball is Life

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Ball is Life

Kati Benhardt

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   The Freshman Lady Jays played a season with a perfect record of 22-0.This group of young ladies came together as a team and created a memory that will last their entire lives.

   “I feel proud, because from the beginning I knew that we were going to have a really good freshman team and we worked hard to be undefeated, so I’m proud of my team,” freshman Geova Alexander said.

   “It was really exciting because not very many people (teams) go undefeated and it was great to have another class be able to do that,” freshman Annie Price said.

   Practice and hard work is one main reason that led to this team’s success.

   “You only get so much you put into it, so if we practice together as a team and put in 100% then your going to get 100% in a game,” freshman Paulina Stamper said. Freshman Precious Black agrees,

   “If we didn’t practice hard in practice, get everything down and learn all of our plays, we wouldn’t have been able to be as successful as we were.”

   All season the Freshman Lady Jays dominated over the competition. One of the freshman’s team’s hardest games the whole season was against William Chrisman. The lady Jays played Chrisman in a tournament towards the end of the year, if they won the game against Chrisman they would move on the finals, getting a chance to play for first place in that tournament. Both Chrisman and Liberty were matched up playing wise and the score was neck and neck the entire game. With only a few minutes left in the final quarter, the Lady Jays got fouled multiple times and their free throws and hustle helped win the game with seconds to go. That win showed the girls that no matter what, when the team works together they can truly achieve anything.

   The freshman team not only worked hard every single time they got on the court, but they also got along very well.

   “The girls really respect and care for each other a lot,” Head Coach Stan Grosdidier said. “I’d say the girls got along very well and it was very evident that they enjoyed each others company and they enjoyed being together. Not only were they excellent basketball players and worked hard on the court, they also understood that there are relationships and friendships there that are very evident. So I would say they were a fun group to be around and they enjoyed each other.”

   Ayraka Bree Straws says,“I would describe this season as just very fun and enjoyable, because our group is so close and we all get along to well and we have fun every time were together.”

At the end of the season, there were mixed emotions.

   “I am (sad) because I won’t be able to play with these girls until next year,” freshman Olivia Hunt said.   

   Majority of the girls said their favorite memories were of the fun bus rides home.

   “My favorite memory was probably our bus rides home because we were all on the same bus most of the time and a lot of crazy stuff happened like singing and that stuff so it was pretty cool,” Stamper said.

  Freshman Emilyn Richardson agreed, “one of my favorite memories from the season is probably the bus rides home from our away games, because we were crazy on the bus and we get food and everything, we had fun and we had team bonding times.”

   Grosdidier has faith that after watching the girls this season, there will be nothing but success in the future, no matter what they do.

   “I don’t know what they will accomplish, I always hope that they stick/stay together and continue to play basketball but I also understand that things change, interests change, things change, to where maybe that doesn’t occur, but I know whatever they choose to do whether it be basketball or not basketball they’re going to be very successful at it,” Grosdidier said.


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