Four Years Runnin’


Story by Breann Koch

“We have a lot of new faces. We are about half veterans and half new, so I’m excited to see what talent and creativity they have with their choreography,” Coach Sara Wyatt said.

And five, six, seven, eight! Dance these are some of sounds heard during the first day of try outs for the Lady Jays. There is so much more to being on this dance team than just being a good dancer. That is what Coach Sara Wyatt had in mind when she started the team.
Wyatt established the Lady Jays four years ago. She has been the powerhouse behind many of the dance clubs at Liberty and Liberty North high school ever since.
“We started it because there are over 1600 or 1700 students in this school, [I was] just trying to create another opportunity for more students to get involved in dance,” Wyatt said.
That opportunity came for girls who tried out this year. Out of 30 girls who tired out for the team, 15 girls made it, those that did were very excited about it.
“I love to dance and when I wasn’t able to be on Sapphires, I knew this was another good way for my dancing to be seen besides in the People in Motion showcase,” said Senior Moriah Jones.
Sophomore Madi Wright liked the non-competitive nature of the team.
“I have always liked to dance, when I was younger. And I thought the dance team would be a great thing to do because it is not as hardcore as Sapphires.”
Sophomore Allie Schowengerdt agreed, “I wanted to do the dance team because it was non-competitive and I love to dance.”
They dance at the homecoming assembly, Junior Varsity/ Varsity Women’s basketball games, and soccer games. With homecoming assembly rapidly approaching, the girls are working hard to learn their routine.
“Homecoming is the most challenging one because it’s so close and we have to learn the dance fast!” said Jones.
Dancing isn’t the only thing that this team will be will be doing this year. The Lady Jays will be working concessions at softball games and Pop Warner football games. They will be unveiling their routine at the homecoming assembly. As a fundraiser, they will be working the concession stand to help purchase new uniforms.