After the death of Mahsa Amini, women in Iran are fighting for their rights.

   On Sept. 16, it was revealed 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died while in Iranian police custody under questionable circumstances. Three days prior, Amini was arrested by the morality police, due to indecent exposure of hair, to which she responded by allowing more to show. Her suspicious death caught the attention of thousands, causing people to protest the severity of the country’s legal code. Chants of “death to the dictator” and “our disgrace is our incompetent leader,” were and still are heard across the country of Iran. 

    “Iran’s protests may well be the first time in history where women have been both the spark and engine for an attempted counter-revolution,” The New Yorker said.

   The Bell Stands with women standing up for their freedom. Women in Iran and across the world have been suppressed by their country’s governmental agencies for hundreds of years. The Iranian government prevents women from undergoing medical procedures to prevent them from becoming pregnant. With these, women in Iran are not permitted to leave their homes without male permission and are not allowed to watch male sports. According to PBS, over two hundred protesters and children have been murdered or arrested by the morality police becasue of these practices. 

    Forcing people to wear anything or do anything through excessive and deadly force is inhuman and should be prohibited. The Bell newspaper respects those who practice their belief but are against the Iranian government killing women who do not comply. Allowing people to express themselves without fear should be the norm, not hurting those who have different practices or beliefs.   

   In solidarity for those suffering, videos have spread across the internet depicting young girls and women with their backs to the camera, removing their hijabs and pointing their middle fingers at the country’s leaders. Additionally, women across the world have been seen on the internet chopping off their hair to show support for the women in Iran. 

   Millions of women have suffered oppression and abuse due to government or cultural demands. After Amini’s and countless others’ questionable deaths and arrests, such as Nika Shakarami, while in police or government custody, the women in Iran have had enough. 

    “With every bullet fired and every arrest, the regime is shooting itself in the leg. The Iranian government wants to kill the messengers in order to conceal the truth—but for the Iranian people, the truth is crystal clear,” The Times said.