Mustaches and Warped Time

I haven’t had a dream since 5th grade, now they’re back and getting weird.

Sidney Lowry

Photo by Alyah Craig

On Jan. 14, I had a dream that I grew a full-on mustache and I was completely embarrassed to come to school. I told someone about this dream and he immediately said that it might have been because I am insecure about myself in real life. This completely ties together the fact that I am insecure about the choices I am making for my future, but why a mustache?

On top of being insecure in real life, I had also dreamt that I failed as a writer and precisely 23 people left hate comments on my story I wrote for The Courier Tribune, but why would I have grown a mustache? What was my subconscious trying to tell me by giving me this?

Me waking up and petting my upper lip made me realize that I haven’t dreamt for a long time until recently. There is probably some scientific explanation for this, like a chemical in my brain or maybe the fact that I get less than six hours of sleep at night, but I have noticed a pattern.

Once every few months I have one of two types of dreams. The first dream is something about my future. In my day-to-day life, I am constantly thinking about my future and you would think I would get a break from it at night, but unfortunately, my fears creep into my late night thoughts. The second is just completely random like me growing a mustache.

Dreams about my future start out normal. Take my most recent one for example. I start out on campus at Northwest Missouri State University, I had just gotten ready for my first day of classes. I was excited and nervous, as most people are their first day at a new school, but then something is off. The clock starts moving at an insanely fast pace while my thoughts become jumbled and make me forget where my first class is.

I am no psychologist, but I think the underlying messages of these dreams are quite simple. The clock racing symbolizes how I feel like my life is speeding up and I can’t catch up with it. I think the reason I get lost in my dream is because of the confusion I have about the choice I have made for my future. Every holiday I have at least one relative –usually one of my uncles– say I should pick a safer career, and I think it is now taking form in my dreams.

No matter what my dreams are trying to tell me about my present or future, I just know that I was happy to wake up without a mustache and a clock that was moving at a normal pace.