Terror-ific TV

Have you ever heard of Michael Meyers?


Photo by Alyssa Griffith

Sidney Lowry

Once I found out I could buy my own candy instead of trick-or-treating around my neighborhood, I have found better ways to spend my Halloween. My excitement for October 31 grows every year as I anticipate the idea of spending the night in my pjs watching scary movies.

Though I am absolutely floored by the idea of watching the Halloween movie series in my basement while wearing matching Halloween socks with some friends, I have a little secret –I am terrified of horror movies. My friends know I hide behind my hands when I start hearing the scary music playing in the background of an intense scene, while everyone tries to run from the masked man outside.

When my heartbeat picks up and my palms start to sweat, that’s when I realize how much I have a love-hate relationship with scary movies. I love to do things that scare me and that’s why every October 31 I find myself instinctively jumping at the image on the TV.

Doing things that scare me isn’t something that relates only to my deep fear of Michael Meyers, it shows in the decisions I make in my everyday life.

Photo by Alyssa Griffith

I try to step out of my comfort zone in certain situations, which sounds oddly similar to the girl who dies first in literally any horror movie, but it excites me.

As I continue my high school career I have been offered many opportunities in order to step out of my comfort zone. I am in charge of organizing French Honor Society and planning an organization of people is something that I don’t have much experience with.

I feel that being scared of doing new things is completely normal. It means I am challenging myself and that I am improving as I grow older.

I get the same feeling when I watch scary movies and when I step out of my comfort zone.

The only thing I won’t do when it comes to pushing myself is changing my plans on Halloween night. If anyone needs me, I will be hiding behind my hands while watching Michael Meyers chase people.