Last but not Least

Various students of theater teacher Mick Turpin share fond memories of his class.


Sophomore Kennedy Naseem

“I enrolled in competitive theatre because I did it 8th grade thinking it would be the perfect opportunity. I hadn’t met [Turpin] before but when I stepped into the class, everyone was laughing and having fun with him. He cares more than other teachers. He’s impacted me because I got to see how much he cared last year with “Mamma Mia” when I didn’t get a callback. He can see past who you are on the outside and sees who you are on the inside.”

Senior Alex Johnson

“Mr. Turpin is someone I’ve known since he was my fifth-grade teacher. I’ve been able to kind of grow up with him. We’ve grown together. Turpin is the definition of a teacher-father if that makes sense. I can go to him with anything. Personal issues, family issues, a good day or a bad day. He’s always there to listen. Especially with Amelia (his daughter) that he has now, he’s just more attentive to his students and wants to make sure that everyone is loved, taken care of and overall supportive.”

Junior Charlotte Brookins

“[Turpin’s] very invested in how students are doing in their classes and activities. With Theater and Competitive Theater, he works really hard to make sure everybody succeeds. Public speaking can be hard for me sometimes and he has really helped me improve that. He knows when he can be easy going with the students and he also knows when it’s time to crack down and work.”

Junior Caleb Goodwin

“[Turpin] truly tries to relate with his students and really gets to know them so that he can help them in the best way. He has stayed after school to answer all of my questions. If I have an idea for something, he’ll talk it out with me. He reassures confidence in his students.”

Freshman Ella Torno

“I think [Turpin] knows a lot about what he is talking about, and he is really good at explaining everything. He’s done this for a while. I think he’s a little more interactive than other teachers, and he is really chill, he doesn’t just stand there and lecture the whole time.”