Is it Acceptable to go to Prom without a Date?

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Illustration by Daryl Gichui

Prom is an exciting time of the year filled with wonder. A good reason students go to prom is to socialize and have fun. The Bell staff discussed and decided students don’t need a date to dance and have a good time. The memories made while they’re there is what’s important, not the high school sweetheart.

   Prom can pressure students not only to find a date but also be in a relationship. This is especially true for upperclassmen. For juniors and seniors, there can be pressure to get in a relationship in high school. There’s no need to give in to this pressure, it’s OK to be independent. It’s better to go to prom in a group than with a person he or she won’t have fun with.

   Actually, going in groups can be more interesting. The group can dance together, sit together and even pair up with others in the group for slower songs. It can be hard to find a date. If people refuse to go alone, they might end up with someone they don’t know very well. At that point, it may not feel worth the time, money or effort to go.

   Some say that dates are part of a tradition. This creates the sterotypical picture of students in pairs dancing around the room, but this idea of a perfect night is dated. Pressure to be dancing with another person can be uncomfortable. That’s not how students should feel at their own prom.

   This also brings up the issue of financing prom. The event will be less expensive if group members only pay for themselves. Having one person pay for everything starts to add up. There are two tickets, meals at a restaurant, flowers and transportation to consider. Going as individuals in a group ensures students have money for other events as well.

  Also, when people go in a group they have a more likely chance of getting to know people. They may even find a date while they’re there.

   Prom is a night students will remember for the rest of their life. They shouldn’t look back to realize their date diminished the fun of the evening.

The Bell staff vote – Yes, it is acceptable: 18   No, it is not acceptable: 0

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