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Upset About the Upset

Sophomore Marcus Myvett. Photo by Chrystian Noble.

Sophomore Marcus Myvett. Photo by Chrystian Noble.

Sophomore Marcus Myvett. Photo by Chrystian Noble.

Marcus Myvett

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   How? How did the Chiefs lose to one of the worst teams in the NFL? They were one of the best teams for a while but then they started a horrendous losing streak. They came back but then lost again. It was more of a let down then the Royals season this year.

   Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, had four 40 yard or more passes this season, as did Marcus Mariota. Ben Roethlisberger had three and Blake Bortles had one. Alex Smith had nine. The Titans had let opponents score more than they themselves had scored. The Chiefs have the best rookie running back in the league, who just won the rushing title. The Chiefs were 6-2 before the Titans game at home. All of these stats prove that the Chiefs should have won. They have one of the best unsung quarterbacks and one of the fastest people in the league, Tyreek Hill. But they just invited the Titans to walk all over them.

   And it’s always in the second half of a game that the Chiefs start to suck. In the 2014 AFC Wild Card Game, the Chiefs were leading the Indianapolis Colts 31-10 at the end of the first half. By the end of the game, the Colts had comeback and won it 45-44. The Chiefs problem that I see is they give up after the second quarter. During the regular season of 2016, the Chiefs played the Titans and were up 17-7 at the beginning of the second half. 30 minutes later, the Titans were celebrating their comeback win of 19-17. Earlier this season, the Chiefs played the Oakland Raiders and were up 20-14 after halftime. The Raiders marched back onto the field and took the win, 31-30.

   Being a Chiefs fan is one of the most unfair things in life. The Chiefs are number one seed for a minute, you look away, you look back and they have a five game losing streak. Hopefully next year the Chiefs won’t be much of a let down. With rumors flying around about Alex Smith leaving Kansas City since his extension is up, it’s not looking up for them.

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Upset About the Upset