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Straight from Spooky to Jolly

Senior Jenna Spence. Photo courtesy of Carrie Babbitt

Senior Jenna Spence. Photo courtesy of Carrie Babbitt

Senior Jenna Spence. Photo courtesy of Carrie Babbitt

Jenna Spence

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   November is the liability month. We go from spooky to jolly and forget to consider being thankful. October 1st: everybody is suddenly obsessed with any and everything pumpkin. Couples are scrambling to come up with the best matching Halloween costumes. The boots and sweaters are broken out. November 1: It’s Christmas time. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey begins to gradually rise again. Christmas commercials are now on TV. Everyone is beginning to write their Christmas lists. Everyone spends the month of November wishing it were December. 

   Don’t get me wrong, I totally made a Pinterest board titled “Christmas List” like two days into November and “I don’t want a lot for Christmas…” is how I start almost every morning. But why? What about Thanksgiving is so boring? Thanksgiving is a pretty neat concept. Everyone in my family dresses up in their best clothes just to walk around between the kitchen and the living room. The main focus is definitely the food and it’s especially mouth watering on Thanksgiving.

   I usually end up in the living room with my dad, grandpa and uncles watching the football game instead of sitting in the kitchen with the women of the family, who are most likely talking smack on the men that are all asleep in their recliners in the living room. Blame that melatonin in the turkey, not me. If the women are not talking smack on the men, they’re most likely talking about next month, when we will all be back together to celebrate Christmas and what presents everyone is getting for the kiddos of the family. Even at Thanksgiving, the Spence’s are worried about the next holiday.

   There is absolutely nothing wrong with beginning your Christmas excitement a little early. I feel like we should just not forget about everything that the month of November and Thanksgiving has to offer and not find ourselves wishing it would just skip to December. So as you put your tree up and hang your ornaments early, maybe try to look around and consider all of the things that you have to be thankful for.

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Straight from Spooky to Jolly