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What New Theater?

Lacy Williams and Grace Buehler

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This “no performance theater” thing has really prepared me for my future as a performer. I’m going to be able to adjust to many different settings when I tour. However, it would be nice for LHS to be able to call a theater (big enough to hold more than 250 people) home.

I’m one of the biggest sports fan there are. I go to football, basketball and softball games; you name it and I’m there! I love and support it. I was on the volleyball team freshman year. I remember wanting to get out of the Aux Gym and play in a nicer, newer gym.

Some of my favorite moments in football are the games we’ve played at LHS. The field is small and there isn’t a ton of seating but it’s special. It’s special because it’s ours. It’s our HOME field. In my opinion, this new stadium is going to be great. I cannot wait to see how the crowd reacts and how our boys play because of it. It’s ridiculous to be sharing a field with William Jewel College and Liberty North when we all need the field on the same nights. So yes, I’m fully aware of the need of a new stadium.

However, our Fine Arts Department holds many accomplishments as well. The choir just broke the district record in the number of students in the All-District Choir. Our theater department has gone to state multiple years in a row and received numerous Blue Star awards for their outstanding musicals. My sophomore year, our orchestra went to Salt Lake City, Utah for a competition and took first place. Our drumline places highly at band competitions too. How is it, that with all these achievements, there’s no action towards building a new theater?

These student performers deserve the same amount of respect as student athletes. As a school, we are a community, a safe place, a home. We need to support all aspects of our school and start funding our fine arts department more to help those students succeed as well.

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What New Theater?