Go Figure!


by Diana Timmermans|

Winter time is one of the most romantic seasons.  Some people will refuse to believe this fact and I pity them, they obviously have no holiday spirit. Even I embrace this particular holiday season, and that should tell you something. I mean just think about it, one of the many solid points in my case is that you have to snuggle up with someone to keep warm in the winter weather! If that doesn’t make you say “awwww!” then I don’t know what will!

I can understand the reasons you have to not exactly be in the holiday spirit; Christmas music is only bearable so long, or not having a significant other to share the holidays with all the happy couples rubbing it in your face. I think everyone has had at least one Scrooge Christmas in their lifetime for their own reasons. So out of the kindness of my heart, I’ll give you a bit of romantic advice so this holiday season doesn’t go downhill for you.

To the guys, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, if you don’t already know. Ice skating. I have never met a girl who doesn’t like ice skating, well at least she has never expressed her hate of ice skating to me. Actually, it might even be the key to a girl’s heart. My place of choice would be Crown Center. It’s fabulous there for any occasion like a date,  to hang out or maybe if you want to make a move to be more than just friends, then Crown Center Ice Terrace is definitely your place! With the twinkling lights, the adorable life-sized wooden toys and characters, and the cheery Christmas station playing on the radio, it is not only the perfect photo op, but also creates a great atmosphere.

To the girls, this advice goes for Christmas time and everyday things too. Girls have it in their heads that guys are mind readers. In all reality, guys are so far from being mind readers. So all the subtle hints you are dropping for your Christmas presents are basically worthless and a waste of your time. He won’t pick up on these hints. He probably has no clue what to get you. To prevent you from getting socks from your boyfriend this Christmas, just tell him exactly what you want. It might not be “super cute” or a surprise but he won’t be stressing out about getting you the perfect gift, and in the end, you’ll be happy you straight up told him what you want for a present. Also, don’t dry up his wallet with a super expensive gift, it’s just rude!

I hope this was a little helpful to get you through this romantic holiday season.