Senior Breakfast

Giving a farewell breakfast to the senior class.


   Senior graduation is around the corner, and the Senior Breakfast, every year, StuCo puts on a breakfast for the seniors to commemorate them. This year, Kevin Berger, an English teacher and StuCo sponsor and Sarah Burt, an administrative assistant, helped put on this event. This breakfast will be at 8 am on May 13 in the Fieldhouse.

   Three are many steps that go into planning this event. Around the beginning of the year, StuCo planned out where the event will be held, which they decided the fieldhouse. Then they have to figure out how much food is needed. They also have to send out emails to all seniors. In order to keep them up-to-date with all changes made. 

   “StuCo puts a lot of work into this event, they started planning this event about a month ago,” STUCO Advisor Kevin Berger said. 

   During Senior Breakfast, not only are they having breakfast, they will participate in watching a slideshow, accepting awards and the choir will participate in singing the alma mater, following a mandatory dress rehearsal. 

It’s a gift from StuCo and the staff to the senior class wishing them well for their future.

— Sarah Burt

 “It’s a gift from StuCo and the staff to the senior class wishing them well for their future,” Administrative Assistant Sarah Burt said.

   Senior Breakfast is one of the last times that seniors get to be together before graduation. Senior Breakfast is a yearly activity that gives the seniors an opportunity to gather together before they leave after graduation. 

 “It is the last farewell for seniors, it’s the last time they get to be together as a class before graduation,” Burt said.

   The Senior Breakfast has been done every year in hopes that it creates memories for the seniors as they leave. This event is supposed to be a recognition for all the hard work they have done throughout their four years in high school.  

“We make it a priority to have Senior Breakfast every year,” Burt said. 

   At the beginning of the year, seniors paid $20 to participate in Senior Breakfast, which  gets them a T-shirt and breakfast. Seniors still wanting to participate can check their emails for more information.