Homecoming at the Beach

Behind the Scenes of this year’s homecoming dance

   With changes worldwide, schools have had to adjust due to COVID-19. One big change that our school has changed is Homecoming. The Student Council has had to make changes with their meeting due to the change from liberty hour to flex. They’ve also had to change some of their traditional events to work with COVID-19 restrictions. With all these changes STUCO wanted HOCO to be just as fun as other years and came up with the theme, Homecoming at the beach.

Photo by Brynna Namanny

“The theme is built around the aesthetics of the TV show “Love Island” and TV shows that have fun colors and summer vibes,” STUCO Advisor Leslie Muench said.

HOCO is not just a dance, but over a week of activities leading up to the dance. Events such as spirit week, flick on the field and a tailgate. The spirit day themes included: beach bum, beach ball, hawaiian shirt day, tourist day and whiteout. Flick on the field will be an activity where students may come and watch “Lilo and Stitch” on the football field.  There was also a tailgate Oct. 1 from 5-6pm where there was food and games including a raffle.

The theme is built around the aesthetics of the TV show “Love Island” and TV shows that have fun colors and summer vibes”

— STUCO Advisor Leslie Muench

“We’re bringing these events back and that’s going to be really exciting,” STUCO Executive senior Delaney Harmon said.

Although this event is in the fall, STUCO started working on projects in the spring of last school year. STUCO worked  many hours working hard to organize Homecoming activities.

“We have many meetings, plan and discuss about all the activities before we release the theme,” Muench said.

STUCO members worked with clubs such as Jay Crew and Practical leadership. Jay Crew organized and set up the tailgate. Practical leadership hosts the assembly which includes games and talks a little bit about events happening HOCO week.

Photo by Brynna Namanny

Last year, there was no HOCO because of COVID-19 so STUCO decided to make some changes. To keep students safe at the dance, students will be masked and it will take place in the Field House, rather than Cokley to help maintain social distancing.

“Primarily there’s just the space for people to spread out a little bit more in Cokley,” Muench said.


Tickets will be available to buy Sep. 27 thru Oct. 1 during flex and lunch. There’s also a form that must be filled for the out of district guest that is due by Sep. 24. This form can be found from the email sent Sep. 22 by Ms. Muench. The dance will be hosted from 8:30-10:30 on Oct. 2 at the Field House.