Jazz Choir Needs Your Vote NOW!

New LHS Vocal Jazz Choir competes in Fox 4 theme song competition.


April 16, 2020 — Liberty High School, Liberty, Mo The Bell student newspaper staff


Sophomore percussionist Gabe Baldia discovered a musical idea and ran with it. He led the new LHS Vocal Jazz Choir to enter a contest sponsored by Fox 4 News, creating a new arrangement of the station’s theme song: This is Our KC. See Fox 4 Video.

Anybody, all ages, groups and individuals were invited to perform the station’s theme song in a new way, play it with whatever instruments they wanted to use, or do an overall remix. The contest winner will be chosen by public vote.

There are 84 groups and individuals entered in the competition. Listen to all of them HERE.

Listen to the LHS Vocal Jazz Choir HERE.

.VOTE HERE by April 22.

LHS Vocal Jazz Choir Participants
Soloists: Elijah Cramer, Kendall McMullen.
Sopranos: Kendall McMullen, Amy Hirsch.
Altos: Alysa Pendergraft, Regan Mills.
Tenors: Elijah Cramer, Ryan Roush, Patrick Sheeley.
Basses: Marcus Myvett, Jackson Herrman.
Percussionist, Arrangement: Gabriel Baldaiah