Happy Haunting

The Bell takes a closer look at Worlds of Fun’s Halloween Haunt.

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Happy Haunting

Photo by Sabrina Brooke

Photo by Sabrina Brooke

Photo by Sabrina Brooke

Photo by Sabrina Brooke

Lucas Kilgore

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With the coming of fall, students enjoy multiple festivities with the first being October’s very own Halloween. The amusement park, Worlds of Fun celebrates by hosting Halloween Haunt, filling the park with themed haunted houses and other festivities. Haunt runs exclusively on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through October 26.

Home to haunted houses, scare zones and performances, Halloween Haunt has plenty to offer for everyone.

According to a poll of LHS students, the three most popular haunted houses at Worlds of Fun are Blood on the Bayou, Cornstalkers and Zombie High.

Photo by Sabrina Brooke

Blood on the Bayou offers a Louisiana swamp ambiance with all the staples of the bayou. Reptiles, narrow pathways and a voodoo omen leaves this house with a strange vibe not quite matched by any other house.

This is the old victorian home that may be frozen in time but is a wild ride through the night.

“It honestly was really scary. The anticipation built up for it was really fun. When you got in there, they really tried to make you scared,” sophomore Brennen Crowley said. “It really was cool to see all the big props. It was really cool with the big alligators and snakes.”

The house leads to a not so subtle end with a giant alligator head snapping at your body.

On the contrary, Cornstalkers offers a different experience.

Surrounded by feral psychopaths, this is news. based around a cornfield. Filled with dark lanes, narrow paths and merciless people of the corn it’s no wonder why it was rated LHS’s favorite Worlds of Fun haunted house.

“I consider cornstalkers one of my favorite haunted houses because of how close it all is towards you and the fact that it all is very tight and you’re walking down a straight narrow path,” senior Jimmy Lam said. “You have people that blend in very well with the wall. You can feel your way out but you can’t see them so they jump out at you. They disappear into the corn and then hop out somewhere else so you literally have a maze where people are actually hiding in the corn.”

Other students at LHS agree.

“You’re walking through a corn maze throughout the whole thing,” sophomore Elle Evans said. “There are points where it’s kind of tight and you have to squeeze through. Other times you’re in a big open area like a field.”

Zombie High is themed around a high school. Walking through the house, a few key sensory details are picked up on.

“I like to go with all my friends and have that experience,” freshman Avery Cleek said. “I like how they jump out at random times.”

The house moves in a zigzag formation and the props are designed as typical zombie clichés like hands, arms and other assorted limbs.

“I like all of them but I just think it’s the most fun one. It’s cool to see how the high school is all haunted,” Cleek said.

Although being a focus, haunted houses are not the only attraction at Halloween Haunt. For people who would not like to wait in lines or would like to focus on the rides at Worlds of Fun, scare zones are their best option.

Worlds of Fun offers scare zones in the form of Hexed, a witch-themed zone, Outlaws Revenge, a spooky cowboy experience, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, an eerie pumpkin vibe and the Boneyard, a goblin filled terror.

Halloween Haunt also offers multiple theatrical performances such as Overlords Awakening, Haunted Homecoming and the Skeleton Crew.

Photo by Sabrina Brooke

The Overlords Awakening is where all the actors form a parade and move through the park. This is a great way to see all the different characters and the haunted houses in which they reside.

The Skeleton Crew is a band of acrobatics who perform on the International Plaza stage.

Last but not least, The Haunted Homecoming is a theatrical performance complete with dance numbers, music and audience participation.

Worlds of Fun’s Halloween Haunt truly has something for everyone from many different haunted houses to scare zones and live performances. It’s fun that family and friends alike can enjoy throughout the month of October.

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