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Stars Over Scars

One student leads a movement to heal others through the arts.

Zahra Khan

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Trauma is like creeping through a dark tunnel. You can’t see the end. Darkness closes in and your breath comes in short gasps. You pause, wondering if what you see is true: a bright signal of hope. It’s a star. This is where the movement Stars Over Scars started for junior Bella Cordero. Her goal is to helps victims of trauma, like herself, heal.

She’s kicking off the new organization at Restoration 1894 Event Space on the Liberty Square on Sunday, Nov. 11 at
7:00 p.m. It’s been in the works for over ve months. There will be live music, performances from the UMKC dance team, keynote speakers, slam poetry and more. Cordero’s idea took flight when she posted a poem.

“I wrote this poem called ‘My Suit of Armour.’ I didn’t think it would get a big reaction, but after I posted it, my poem blew up,” Cordero said. “It got published on articles, websites, magazines and started getting spread in surrounding states. It has also been offered to be read in New York. So many people reached out to me. I feel like it was a big accomplishment.”

Cordero knew no one should face troubles alone. This became a movement as she reached out to family and friends for help.

“It’s been a crazy process,” Cordero said. “As a 16-year-old high school student, instead of worrying about algebra homework, I’m focusing on tax deductibles. Every night after school I go to meetings after meetings. I’m also going to events to speak. It’s showing me what the business world is like.”

Her family is glad to help Cordero on this new journey.

“Bella’s my cousin,” sophomore Avry Asby said. “I’ve seen her go through so many hard things in the past and just seeing her be able to go out and want
to help other people who are suffering through the same thing makes me proud.”

Cordero’s main goal is to get Stars Over Scars to become a non-pro t organization. The organization would fund small businesses by providing art materials for classes for victims of trauma.

“Every soul has an art form to express in the world and most every soul experiences some form of trauma in their life,” Serenity on the Square owner Patti Stark said. “Her movement has the best message, to not
try to erase the trauma, but to sharpen the other end of the pencil and create from whatever gifts or talents you have.”

This event will help raise money to make Stars Over Scars official.

“The stars helped me in the dark. It’s a motto I want to share with everyone,” Cordero said.

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Stars Over Scars