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Safely Scary

Photo by Katelynn Dale

Photo by Katelynn Dale

Photo by Katelynn Dale

Zahra Khan

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It was the week before Halloween. The wind was howling and all the kids of Liberty came together for a spooky night. Halloween is here at LHS and that means crazy socks, candy and a fun-filled night for families in the Liberty community. Safe Halloween brings together families and and kids of all ages for treats, tricks and tons of games provided by clubs at LHS.

“The purpose of Safe Halloween is to provide a fun, safe, secure and inclusive alternative to traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating,” Early Bird Learning Center teacher Amy Mallams said. “Safe Halloween also offers an opportunity to interact with the community.”

The event was open to the public with no cost and is hosted inside the Commons with tables and games set up for the kids. With high schoolers and kids dressed up in their best costumes.

“Families can come to our event here rather than go to the pumpkin patch which can be expensive,” senior Madi Ripper said. “This is a free thing that allows kids to dress up and have a great time.”

This event wouldn’t be what it is without the participation from students and their clubs. Some of these clubs participating this year are Breakfast Club, Key Club, StuCo, Newspaper,and National Honors Society(not all the clubs). Each club has its own unique booth for kids.

“We create fun games for kids and give out candy, it’s like a carnival,” junior Shelby Erickson said about her club. “This year we did a game of ring toss.”

Clubs gone out of there way to create a family friendly and safe evening. Many teachers and parents agree that Safe Halloween is a safer alternative to trick-or-treating for many reasons.

“Children are not out in the streets and don’t get hit and they don’t have to worry about the weather,” math teacher Eniola Ajayi said.

Safe Halloween is set up inside of LHS for kids to be contained but, still have a great time with their family. In years past, weather has made Halloween night a little glum, but with Safe Halloween kids are safe from unpredictable weather. Aside from weather, kids who come to the event are open to the friendly environment of the high school.

“I love seeing my students interact with my kids,” Ajayi said. “They get to see high school students in action.”

This year’s Safe Halloween had a great turnout for kids and clubs alike.

“Seeing the kids faces after they win any game or just when they get candy, is the best feeling ever,” sophomore Jeffrey Taylor said.

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Safely Scary