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‘Tis the season to rush to the nearest Dillard’s and contemplate what exactly ‘formal wear’ means. For students there is excitement in the air as one of the staple events of high school approaches quickly – Prom.

Prom is tomorrow night, May 6 from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am at Arrowhead Stadium. Tickets can be purchased exclusively for LHS students at the door for $35. Formal wear and ID’s are required for all guests to attend the dance.

“I’m super excited for Prom. We put a lot of work into it and I think it’s going to turn out really great and everyone’s going to have a lot of fun,” junior Madison Ripper said. “You can expect good music, cool decorations, some refreshments, pictures and just an overall really fun night.”

   A hard working student council has also spent lots of time and effort in the decor, theme, shirts, and other little details of Prom.

“We spend a lot of time discussing the theme and things associated with it such as tickets, décor and t-shirt design,” counselor Melanie Crawford said. “Once the theme is decided on, the committees go to work finding the items necessary to transform the space at Arrowhead, as well as working on a design for tickets and shirt design. There is also a lot of organization for communication, sales, etc.”

Many students have been preparing for Prom by dividing up the price of a party bus or purchasing a limo for the night out. Finding a nice place to eat that fits a large group of people can be difficult and slightly pricey, but most consider it money well spent for a night of luxury.

“Student’s should go to prom because you only get two of them in your entire life,” Ripper said. “It’s also always super fun to get dressed up and get your pictures taken and go out for dinner and spend the night dancing with your friends.”

  StuCo has spent hours contemplating the theme for this year’s Prom.

“The theme is Arabian Nights and that just means a more Moroccan style with bright colors, sparkles and an overall warm vibe,” sophomore Khushi Talati said. “We’re working really hard on making sure that the décor is going to match and that there won’t be too much going on, but at the same time just enough to make Arrowhead look awesome.”

The students in charge of Prom have been working on and preparing for the event for over a month. Many hours, meetings and work have all been put in behind the scenes to give everyone attending Prom the best experience possible.

“The theme is pretty different from things they’ve had in the past,” Ripper said. “It’s unique so the decorations and colors will be different. It should be a lot of fun and should be a cool atmosphere.”

Whether those attending are new to Prom, or an experienced Prom goer, students attending can expect this year to be unique

These decorations include Moroccan inspired table settings and ornate tapestries and rugs that drape around the venue. Candlelight and warm colors such as orange, brown and moss green make up most of the color scheme for the dance, but there will also be dashes of cool hues, such as midnight blue and dark purple. To really draw in the eye there will be a large centerpiece, such as a fountain or large pillars.

Whether going with a significant other or a large group of friends, the memory is sure to last a lifetime.

“It’s just a staple part of the American high school experience and it’s a nice memory to have later on in life,” senior Sydney Bell said. “For most people Prom is a one or two-time thing and it’s always better to just go and try to have a good night.”

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