When the Stars Go Blue

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When the Stars Go Blue

Joey O’Kelly

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Prom is a time where creativity and beauty comes out. Some see it as a romantic evening with a date, while others see it as a night to remember with a group of friends. Either way, promposals are made, dresses are purchased, dances are designed and preparations are made for a milestone in the life of an average high school student.
The 2016 Prom theme is “When the Stars go Blue.” It will be held at Arrowhead Stadium. It will take place Saturday, May 7, from 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Junior class president, Kamryn Downing, has been working hard in order to make this night special for everyone.
“We’ve been holding a lot of meetings with the class officers. I’m the Junior Class President, so one of my main responsibilities is to plan Prom. It’s one of the big things we have to do. Emily Azpell, Brynn Badders and I have been working closely together on that,” Downing said. “We’ve been deciding the little things, like centerpieces and lighting. One irritating and frustrating thing about Arrowhead is that you can’t hang up a lot of things. You can’t have any tape. It all has to be ground decorations. That’s kind of been a struggle for us, but it’s making us think and work for it.”
While this year’s Prom is at the same venue as last year, there is one delicious change being made that can be looked forward to – a dessert bar
“The venue’s the same, we’re always at Arrowhead. The only major difference is the theme. Also, this year we’re doing dessert. We’ve never done that before. I think there are brownies. That’s kind of fun,” Downing said.
Aside from StuCo, students have been preparing as well. There have been many creative promposals from LHS students.
Senior Antonio Estrada, asked his girlfriend to Prom Frozen style.
“It was a Frozen theme. The poster said ‘I would be frozen if you didn’t go to Prom with me because you are worth melting for.’” Estrada said. “I had an Olaf piñata that said yes on it, so if she wanted to say ‘yes’, she would hit the piñata. I had a little tiny square that said ‘no’. It was hidden so that she wouldn’t know where no was. She hit it, she said ‘yes’. I’m looking forward to how she looks. I know she’ll look beautiful, so I can’t wait to see that.”
Another student, junior Derek Karr, took a very creative approach, using goats that he got from a family friend to ask junior Abby Weekley to Prom.
“I just got the idea. I was just thinking about how to do something unique. I had to think goats. No one else is doing goats, so I got goats and went over to her house with flowers and asked her,” Karr said. “I don’t think she was expecting it at all. I don’t think anyone expects to get goats for Prom.”
Junior Max Wittman asked his girlfriend, junior Jessica Maschino to Prom by using one of her favorite television programs, One Tree Hill.
“My friend Elizabeth and I were supposed to hang out on a Saturday. We were going to go to Longboards, but she said that her brother was working at Heritage Middle School and she had to take something to him. She said ‘I’ll pick you up and we can go together,’ and I said that was fine,” Maschino said. “We get there and as I’m walking up to the school, I notice that there’s a person at the basketball court. I said ‘oh no, we’re crashing someone’s promposal, we’re in the way, Elizabeth.’ As we walk up there I say, ‘wait a minute, that’s Max, that’s my promposal.’”
The night is bound to be full of excitement, happiness and energy. Memories will be made. But don’t forget to document those memories.
“Take lots of pictures. It’s always fun to look back when you’re all dressed up and you look nice, so just take a bunch,” Downing said.

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