There’s No Place like Homecoming


Sol Kim and Haley Stephenson

LHS is ready for a fun-filled week

The LHS Student Council transformed the high school into the Land of Oz as homecoming week was approaching. From September 21-26, StuCo planned a variety of events to get students pumped for the once-a-year extravaganza.

StuCo decided to bring back the tradition of having a homecoming parade before the football game. The last parade was hosted in 2012.

“It is a really fun tradition that was hard to see let go,” StuCo adviser Melanie Prince said. “We’re starting small this year, but hopefully we can build back the momentum it had for so many years!”

Executive class president Desirae Leeson had the idea of bringing back the tradition of a parade.

“I talked to the StuCo teachers and they were a little iffy about it but I got them on board,” Leeson said. “Once I got them on board, we went to Dr. Adams and I had a meeting with her over the summer and then we were going to the school board but we didn’t end up going to the school board because Dr. Adams went to talk to them personally and they were just like, ‘Go for it’ so that was exciting.”

The parade will be during the school day on Friday at 1:15 pm. Students will be released to the parade and the parking lots will be closed for the parade route, so students will not be able to leave school grounds. Parade participants include the spirit squads, class floats and the king and queen candidates.

The parade is not the only new addition to homecoming week. StuCo will host a “Powder Party” before the Friday night football game. Similar to the Color Run, students are given colored powder and are able to socialize in a party/dance format. The event is open to LHS students only. The celebration begins at 5:00 pm in the back of the parking lot.

The dance will be held Saturday evening from 8:00-11:00 pm. The dance will take place in the gym and tickets will be sold for $12.00. Students are allowed to bring one guest from another school, but any non-LHS student must have turned in a registration form to the Counseling Office in advance.

“Our decorations committee has decided to do a photo-booth this year, which is cool,” junior class president Kamryn Downing said. “We’re going to make our own props that have to do with the theme.”

StuCo encouraged everyone to participate in the Oz-themed spirit days. Monday was ‘Welcome to Kansas’ day where students dress up in their best country-styled attire, Tuesday was ‘Twister Tuesday,’ otherwise known as mix and match day. Wednesday is ‘Wizard Wednesday,’ students wear their most nerdy outfits. Thursday is ‘Over the Rainbow,’ which is class colors day—freshmen are ‘wicked witch black,’ sophomores are ‘yellow brick road,’ juniors are ‘emerald city green’ and seniors are ‘ruby red slippers.’ Finally, Friday is “No Place Like Home” day where students show their Blue Jay spirit.

This year students can look forward to having the homecoming game on the high school football field, September 25. The team has been hard at work, preparing for their game against St. Joseph.

“[The team] is really working hard out on the field. We practice everyday from three to seven o’ clock. We just do a lot of drills and go over films of the other team’s plays.” sophomore, Brayden Swope said.

When asked what motivated the team the most, Swope said, “To win and to watch our team play well and maybe go to the playoffs and perform better than the opposing team,” he said.

The team’s hard work was shown through their confidence. “I’m pretty confident. We’re getting a lot better as the season goes along and I think that’s how we’re going to win,” senior, Nick Kern said.

Understandably, the nerves will be in high gear for the game.

“I still get a little nervous, I think everyone does,” Kern said. “But it’s not as bad like it was last year since I’ve gotten used to it.”

To work through the nerves many players rely on pre-game rituals.

“We always say the creed,” Swope said. “We also pray before every game. We call it the chapel but we go into the choir room and the coach talks. It’s optional if players want to go in, but most of the team does.”

Motivation is key when it came to outstanding teamwork and head coach Chad Frigon works at keeping the team pumped.

“We as a team say a creed after the game whether we win or lose and it just keeps us level-headed,” Frigon said. “No win is too big and no loss is too big to destroy us. At the same time we also always talk about how proud we are of them.”

Frigon is one of the team’s biggest supporters.

“I’m confident that our athletes are doing things right and getting better each week,” he said. “As far as confidence, we really love the players attitudes. They’re a great group of kids to work with and you’ve got this culture where people are doing things right and trusting each other and knowing that they’re getting better. That turns into wins. We’re a big believer in that culture and the attitudes of the kids.”

The football players were keeping a positive mindset on their homecoming game—win or lose.

“I think everyone’s happy about the homecoming dance,” Swope said. “I mean, if we win then they’ll obviously be happy the next day, but if we lose, then that night they’ll probably forget and worry about the dance.”

The school is buzzing about the football game and the homecoming festivities that StuCo had planned.

“I say just make sure you give your percent [effort] during Homecoming week,” sophomore class President Amos Mwuara said. “It is one of the best weeks of the school year. It’s a chance to get everyone involved into one big party of a week. Yes we have tests and homework but you know what, come to the game, come to the dance, come to the powder party and it’ll be a blast!

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