Keep On Movin’


Story by MacKenzie Sackett

Adorian Dorsey practices a dance move. “Some people get kind of nervous, but I welcome the environment, and I like it,” Dorsey said.

by Diana Timmermans |

Motion: The action or process of moving or being moved. People in Motion is a club at Liberty High School and Liberty North High School.
“It gives kids a good exposure to different types of dance and movement and to bridge the schools together because we are trying to keep the community together and it gives the kids’ time to interact with one another,” Coach Sara Wyatt said.
Practice began for the October 21 and 22 showcase on September 14 with technique workshops lasting until September 29. Leading up to their first performances of the year, they have rehearsed the week of October 17.
“There are usually 15–20 dances performed in quick succession and the variety makes the evening go very quickly, we have one group dance that we rehearse together.  The rest of the dances are done by individuals and small groups, [and] these students work on their own time before or after school in the Black Box Theater or the main stage at Liberty North High School,” LNHS theater director David Young said.
This year’s performance pulled out the stops, just like the past 19 years of performances.
“I enjoy watching the performances. I also enjoy seeing all the people who return to watch year after year.  Once people see the performance, they tend to make an effort to come back,” Young said.
Every dancer works so hard for these performances and for their time to shine in the spotlight.
“I like to dance, I like the moment of being on stage and all eyes on me,” Senior Adorin Dorsey said.