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Freshman Jonathan Fang

Musical aficionado Jonathan Fang gets candid with The Bell.

Danny Johnston

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   What happens when seven instruments, music composition and multimedia editing come together? Some would say, freshman Jonathan Fang. Although Fang has an undeniable multi-faceted personality and an eagerness to travel and experience all that life has to offer, it is nearly impossible not to acknowledge his musical talent.

   “I currently play violin and piano as my main hobbies, I also play smaller instruments such as harmonicas, ocarinas, guitars and the erhu,” Fang said.

   From classic symphonic instruments to traditional Chinese chordophones, Fang is serious about his music career. He has been surrounded by music his entire life, from listening to Mozart as a child to playing symphonies today.

   “I don’t really remember when exactly I got into music,” Fang said. “Classical music is a big part of not only my life, but my parents’ too. I think they just played a lot of classical music when I was younger.”

   Although his talents allow him to excel at a wide variety of instruments, his go to’s are the piano and violin.

   “I got into piano when I was four years old and then later, I got into violin when I was 10 years old via the strings program in fifth grade.”

   Even though he is just a freshman, Fang is already an accomplished musician as a part of the Kansas City Youth Symphony.

   “The Kansas City Youth Symphony has not only been an experience in itself, but has given me some of my favorite memories.” Fang said. “It has also helped me get better as a violinist and helped me be more open.”

   An admired quality of Fang’s is his humility about playing seven different instruments. A gift that only a few can relate to.

   “He has something I like to call quiet confidence, he is very humble,” Orchestra teacher Michelle Davis said.

   Much like his teachers, his friends admire his talent and happily add to his support system.

   “I like that Jonathan is very funny and humble about his abilities,” freshman Ariel Chen said. “He is just a really good friend, I’ve known him since middle school but this year I really got a chance to get to know him. We were in all-districts orchestra together last year and had lots of fun there.”

   Before Fang takes any praise for his abilities, he is quick to give credit to his parents for all they have done for him throughout his life.

   “They got me into piano when I was young and my dad got me into coding and physics around third grade,” Fang said. “My parents are probably my biggest supporters when I try anything new. They help me whenever I try to take on a new project and are the reason why I have so many interests.”

   Although Fang does not have a concrete plan for his life after high school, he knows that he wants to go to college to study something related to math, engineering, or physics. Fang is still young and has time to make big decisions regarding his future There is one thing he is certain of.

   “I know for a fact I want to keep music in my life.”

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Freshman Jonathan Fang