Freshman Abby Schuele

Freshman Abby Schuele shares her passion for figure skating and music.

Mallory Fee

Bright lights illuminate freshman Abby Schuele as she gracefully twists and turns on the ice. Her figure skates slice an icy path while she dances on the ice. Every jump is done with what looks like perfect ease and the clack of metal on ice echoes upon her landing.

Being a kid from Minnesota, it was normal for Schuele to learn how to skate at just 3 years old. Ever since she moved to Missouri when she was nine, Schuele has taken up a passion for figure skating.

“In Minnesota, I was taking weekly group lessons with a cousin of mine,” Schuele said. “I decided I wanted to figure skate after I moved because I saw someone else doing it when I went for fun.”

Schuele has been on a synchronized skating team for the past six years and takes lessons from her coaches Amy Fankhauser and John Coughlin at Line Creek Community Center.

Schuele skates at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Sunday and after school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. lll“This season I’m skating to instrumental music from ‘La La Land,’” Schuele said. However, that’s not the only project Schuele is working on. She’s also doing a duet with a friend to the upbeat song “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson – a step up from her normal instrumental music performances.

Freshman Abby Kovac has been Schuele’s friend since elementary school.

“She’s very driven,” Kovac said. “In her skating she’s very persistent. Abby practices several times a week and fights for what she believes in.”

However, figure skating isn’t the only thing Schuele is involved in. She’s a musician who enjoys playing the flute for band and strumming a guitar and ukulele in her free time. Schuele found her love for the guitar when she received one for her birthday in third grade.

“I’ve been playing the guitar for a while,” Schuele said. “Last year I wanted to try the ukulele because they’re pretty similar.”

Schuele uses the musical skills she’s learned and applies them in band.

“I like that she is so young, yet so musical already. She’s busy with other things, but she’s also invested time and effort into being a good musician,” Band teacher Eddie Owen said. “She has a really good ear and every time I listen to her she has a beautiful tone.”

Not only does Schuele practice her instruments in her free time, but she also loves to sit back and relax by watching The Office or diving into a book, her favorite being Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

Despite being only a freshman, Schuele has already decided what she’d like to do in her figure skating future.

“When I skate it makes me feel free and determined to be the best I can,” Schuele said. “My goal for skating is to be the best I can be. I’ve been on a synchronized skating team for six years and I hope to continue that through college.”