Women on a Mission

Women’s Issues Now members share how the club has affected their lives.

Rachel Reiter

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Most people aren’t aware of the issues women face daily. From sexual assault to reproductive rights, there’s a vast spectrum of topics to dissect. Women’s Issues Now (WIN) is a safe space to discuss all of these subjects and more.

“That club is my favorite thing I do right now,” freshman Isabela Sullivan said. “I love that club with my whole heart.”

The club meets Tuesday mornings at 7:35 a.m. in room 902. Don’t let the early hour deter you, the club members agree it has a friendly atmosphere and a sense of respect that will make you feel like you’ve belonged there your whole life.

“Even though we talk about serious things, we all joke around,” senior Olivia Newell said. “We have fun talking about everything. It’s like a family.”

The club is open to anybody at any time and all you need to bring is yourself and an open mind. Although some heavier topics may be discussed, the members aren’t afraid to have fun. The club is filled with young women and men who are passionate about women’s rights.

That passion fuels their motivation to succeed at what they love best.

“The long term goal of our club is to raise awareness and promote a world where we can all coexist,” freshman Erin Brage said.

The main goal is to create a world where equality reigns and people can live together in peace, where equality has no label.

“You don’t necessarily have to be a feminist,” Newell said. “You don’t have to be in a specific political party. There are just as many Republicans as there are Democrats in the club. We’re inclusive of all opinions. For example, junior Jennavieve Carmony, the president of the club, and I have completely opposite views on almost everything. It’s a safe space to talk about your opinion on anything and hear other people’s opinions as well.”

The club offers a long-term affect as well.

“I think it’s really opened my eyes to all the things that really affect women,” Brage said. “It may not affect us now, but it will affect us in the future.”

The club is also dedicated to helping the community. They have participated in Safe Halloween and Safety 360, with more plans on the way.

WIN is a diverse club open to all students regardless of race, sexual orientation, political party or gender. No matter your differences, the club members urge you to come and share your time and opinions.

“You can be a man, you can be a woman, you can be black, white, gay, straight, everything, or nothing at all,” Sullivan said. “Come in and join us, you won’t regret it.”

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