AVID About Learning

Freshmen and sophomores shine a new light on learning.

Victoria McCoy

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Think about how hectic and challenging some classes can be. Now imagine a light coming down from the ceiling to point students towards a better way of learning. Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID ) may not be a literal flashlight, but it is a new way to help students succeed.

“The purpose of AVID is to prepare students for college and career readiness,” AVID sponsor Maria Knowles said. “We teach students how to think critically, collaborate and set high expectations to conquer the challenges that await after they graduate from LHS.”

AVID teachers are already pushing students to see more in themselves, leading to a better high school experience for many.

Within the one period class offered daily, students do different activities based on the day of the week. Some days the class period may be reserved for their own classwork and other days are used for note-taking and organizational skills that students can use in all of their classes.

Students have had a new kind of adjustment to AVID.

“It’s helpful, but kind of annoying trying to get me to do my school work. It’s a long process to make sure you’re ready for the school year,” freshman Jaxon Jeffers said. “I’m doing way better than I thought I would.”

Continuing the same habits can be dangerous and the AVID environment has been created to help out with any school situation, even when it seems a tedious. Everything seems more possible when you are in a class where you are given tools to help you find new success.

“It’s good to know you have a good support system within the class,” freshman Morgan Quetschenbach said. “It helps to have a bunch of random people put together in one setting.”

Through unique stories shared by guest speakers, AVID students can see how others have become who they are today and how they may get where they want to go. Whether the students take the stories to heart or find some of the skills to be helpful, there can be a spark.

“If I had this program when I was a student I probably would have advanced quicker through college and lived out my dreams earlier in life,” AVID sponsor Paul Turner said. “We have a lot of students pushing back right now, but I know they’ll look back in a couple years and think they’re prepared for life.”

The teacher sponsors are not the only ones invested in AVID. Counselor Trilaina McCallum oversees the program.

“When I was asked to step on the team, I thought of it as another responsibility. It was not until I attended the Summer Institute that I completely drank all of the AVID Kool-aid,” McCallum said. “It was amazing to hear the student testimonials and to see how it truly can impact and change lives.”

Going from one class to the other with an overload of homework can be very stressful. Some students go through the motions of high school and have no clue where to start. Having AVID classes may help.

“It can prepare me for my future and what I do in everyday life,” sophomore Jalen Weston said. “It’s making me an overall better person.”

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