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Liberty Leaders

The Leadership class works behind the scenes to promote LHS spirit and pride.

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Liberty Leaders

Photo by Peyton Fehl

Photo by Peyton Fehl

Photo by Peyton Fehl

Photo by Peyton Fehl

Story by Liz Gammon

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   In the stands, deafened by the ecstatic screams of your peers. Smiling faces surround you as unexpected events play out. Hanging on the edge of your seat as Mr. Zavos shoots a three and drains it.

   Assemblies are a big part of the high school experience. Leadership does a lot of things around the school that staff and students may glance over. Many assemblies, activities and community service projects are done under their control. Leadership is a yearlong class that juniors and seniors can apply and interview for based on how involved they are in school.

   In the class they focus group projects around academics, athletics, fine arts, community service, climate and culture. The last project they do is an individual called Blue Jay Impact.

   They are also involved in spirit weeks and assemblies.

   For the end of the year, they have organized a senior High School Musical themed lip dub.

   “School culture and climate are similar and have to do with school spirit and getting everybody excited about school events,” senior Kayel Newland said. “Blue Jay Impact is basically up to you and whatever you want your impact or legacy to be at Liberty High School.”

   They also work on projects outside of school to represent the school positively and benefit the town of Liberty.

   “Community service can be anything that you participate in with your group or that you bring to the entire class,” Newland said. “We’ve done activities ranging from highway cleanup to canned food drives.”

   Different people in the class also have unique individual roles.

   “For me I do a lot of the graphic and visual designs, I am currently in the process of making flyers for the last day of school,” junior Grant Houston said. “Some of us are working on individual projects for different areas in the school. Even though I’m creating the flyers, I also work on the end of the year assembly.”

   Leadership continues to plan events and assemblies toward the end of the school year. There was a lip dub on May 2nd and two assemblies planned out, one on the seniors last day, May 8th and one on everybody else’s last day.    

    “Leadership is important because there are so many good things that you can do for the school but there is not enough time in the day,” Leadership teacher Marla Badalucco said. “This is a class where like-minded kids come together and plan things like fundraisers and events at lunch to impact the whole school. This class is important because otherwise there is no time in the day to get together and plan these important events. We’re kind of like a sister of StuCo. We are not StuCo but we are an important layer of involvement to the school. We don’t usually attach our name to the projects and broadcast that we’ve organized it so that it just seems that this is the way the school is done.”

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