Visiting the Future


Caroline Parry

   There is nothing quite like visiting a bustling college campus. Many students visit colleges they are thinking about attending and see what the college is like. College is a big part of life and making a big decision on where to go what to start one’s own future can be hard.

   The decision on the college can depend on the size. Some high school students prefer big schools and some prefer small schools.

    “I want to go to a college that I’m not stuck with the same people all the time,” senior Jackson Sterling said. “I’m not just a number.”

    Students might not want to go to a big or small college, they might just want to go to a medium college.

   “I’d prefer a medium college,” senior Boone Evans said. “I wouldn’t want a small or a large college.”

    Knowing what you want in college can be really helpful for your big decision.

   “I want to go to a college that I can do a double major,” senior Brianna Walker said. “I want to  major in Business and Fashion and Textpad.”

   When students go visit colleges, they can give the students tips about colleges.

   “I went to Duke University,” junior Nolan Burroughs said “They have a lot of stuff about processes on how you can get into the program. It also gave us tips on what colleges look for which was useful.”

   Asking questions on college tours can help you find out what the college is going to be like. Although asking questions is helpful, some students might not know what to ask.

   “The list of questions is going to be different for everybody, because different students are looking for different things in a college,” Scott Gillespie said. “Most students would like to ask questions about courses themselves. Some questions are, ‘What typical courses does a freshman take? Is the course taught by faculty members or graduate students?’ I would say to ask students on campus on what they love most about the campus and what they dislike.”

    Asking questions on a college tour can help students learn more about the college and can get you prepared on going to college.

   Through college tours, high school students can see how college could be different from high school and normal day life.

   “It helped me see if I wanted to go there,” junior Jackie Almaraz said. “When I went to UCM I really didn’t know if I wanted to go there but I learned that I really do.”

   When high school students go to college they sometimes have to live on their own.

   “I am really excited for college,” junior Amy Jurgensen said. “It will be different because I will be living on my own.”

    Others are excited for the freedom.

   “I am excited for college,” Evans said. “College is going to be different from high school and there is going to be more freedom.”

    For high school students, it may be hard to visit colleges. Fortunately, LHS helps set up tours at nearby colleges.

   “We have done that for William Jewell, UMKC, Maple Woods and Rockhurst,” Gillespie said. “What we typically do is try to connect students to the different visit days and what the schools sponsor.”

   LHS encourages all students to go on college tours. Looking at colleges can give students a feel for what they are looking for and maybe even change their mind about them. College is going to lead students to the future.