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Save the Drama

The cast and crew of “All My Sons” prepare for their production.

Victoria McCoy

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   Brush the history books aside for a more dramatic and emotional way to learn past events. “All My Sons,” a play by  Arthur Miller premiering this spring at LHS, follows a group of older characters who have to deal with the surroundings of and hardships post-World War II.

   Throughout the play, the characters support their families and neighbors when the world around them is full of greed. The play is made to encompass feelings that anyone can experience, focusing on a family during wartime.

   “Everyone can relate in some form to some part of it,” Director Don Johnson said. “They probably won’t go through this exact situation, but they might find themselves in situations that are very close to it or this play might make them think about something that they are going through.”

   Student director and senior Jonathan Edens could not be happier with the choice of “All My Sons.”

   “I feel a lot of personal connection to All My Sons. This is my favorite play that I have seen or read,” Edens said. This is in our everyday lives and there are moral dilemmas people actually face. It’s so beautifully natural for people to go through these problems and some people don’t know what they are.”

   Freshmen Kennedy Naseem also looks forward to this change in production, as she gets to experience a dramatic production for the first time. Naseem will play Lydia. She is constantly there for her next-door neighbors.

   “She’s the bright spot in most of the character’s lives because they have lost everything around them,” Naseem said.

   Sophomore Livy Nebel was a stage manager for the fall musical “Mamma Mia” and has returned to help manage “All My Sons.” Nebel noticed how this drama is more sensible than some other productions that have appeared on the Little Theater stage.

   “The musicals we have done haven’t been the realest or most sincere,” Nebel said. “They have all been very theatrical and this a very down to earth show with real characters and real emotions.”

   Since “All My Sons” is so realistic, some of the cast members feel a deep connection to the people around them. Junior Moroni Lenhardt has been in several productions at LHS, but he has never been the lead or had more solid relationships than he has now.

   Lenhardt will be playing Chris Keller in the small cast of 10 characters. Since the cast is smaller everyone gets to know each other.

   “The biggest difference from my past experiences is how the cast feels like a family and the play feels like something that actually happened,” Lenhardt said. “It feels more real than anything I have been a part of before.”

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