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Paige Hodges
   Senior Paige Hodges has always loved writing and reading, which fits perfect with one of another passion of hers: being a young journalist. 

   “I have always liked writing and reading. Since joining the newspaper staff, I have grown to love journalism and value journalists. I feel empowered by being a student journalist, because the work of a journalist has a has a huge impact on culture,” Hodges said. 

   In her freetime, Hodges enjoys reading, listening to music, and binge watching her favorite television series. Aside from being the best online editor and in depth section editor she can, Hodges plans to figure out her plans for after high school. She doesn't know where she wants to go to college, but she hopes wherever she decides will help her grow and find her purpose in life. Hodges has recently found that she wants to pursue a career in education, and possibly teaching other students how to be journalist. 

   “I also want to figure out my strengths and own them,” Hodges said. “While I can easily say all of my weaknesses, I would like to be able to proclaim my strengths with confidence.”

Paige Hodges, Online & In depth Editor

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Paige Hodges