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What’s the Tee?

The women’s golf team is determined to make this year count.

November 14, 2018

Using their driver, wedging their way into victory and putting themselves in a position of success, the women’s golf team has a caddy full of golfers ready to succeed. When the school day ends this team makes their way to the local country club to start their practice. The moment their feet hit the ground on the driving range they are determined to make each practice count.

Once the team arrives at the country club they start their practices out on the driving range and eventually they head out to the course in groups to play. Practice normally finishes off with putting; however, on Fridays they have shorter practices and they chip and putt.

“We practice pretty much everyday and practice seriously. We don’t joke around, we actually act like we’re playing in the environment like a match or tournament,” junior Jenna Phelan said. “At the beginning of our season we made sure we knew all the rules and other schools don’t do that.”

The members on the women’s golf team take their practices seriously and choose to use the time they have rather than waste it. Because of their hard work they got second at conference and districts this year. This team has been striving to do better this year and is determined to capitalize on their momentum.

“This season we have a stronger team. I think the key to our success is staying positive and never giving up,” junior Hope Peck said. “Our tournaments last around six hours, so a lot can happen during that time. It’s important for us to stay focused and positive in order to play our best.”

The current upperclassmen have been on the team since freshman year and look forward to a new season every year.

“I really like the people and the coaches,” senior Anna Jones said. “I think that my coaches are the absolute best, they’re just wonderful people. The girls that are on the team are a lot of fun; I feel like we have a really good team bond.”

The girls are itching to start a new season every year and this excitement applies to the coaches as well.

“I began the girls’ golf program approximately 20 years ago when many schools had not yet fielded a team” head coach Forrest Bertoldie said. “It has been a great experience and the girls who have been a part of our team now have a history of excellence as the premier team in the Northland.”

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