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What the Doctor Ordered

Club leaders provide insight regarding Medical Leaders of Tomorrow.

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What the Doctor Ordered

Photo by Mercedes Peck

Photo by Mercedes Peck

Photo by Mercedes Peck

Photo by Mercedes Peck

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Several nurses stand at the front of the room, all with the same title but with different jobs. They present information about their careers and what it takes to go into their specific medical field while students listen. It’s just a normal Thursday afternoon for the Medical Leaders of Tomorrow Club.

Medical Leaders of Tomorrow, or MLT, exists for students who have an interest in the medical field and are thinking about going into it, but need more insight on the different careers involved and what it takes to do them.

MLT meets on the first Thursday of every month, each time bringing in a new medical professional to share about the work they do.

The club was created several years ago based solely upon student interest. Originally the sponsor was Tim Block, who sponsored the club until he retired, so science teacher Maria Knowles took over last year.

“Students were interested in talking to different types of medical professionals so Mr. Block brought in a couple of doctors in the beginning,” Knowles said.

MLT is student-led by four senior leaders: Ramsey Davies, Sakif Islam, Mustafa Mohammed and Khushi Talati.

Block introduced Davies and Davila to the club their freshman year.

“It’s something I was interested in because I like hearing about the different jobs in the medical field,” Davies said.

The leaders contact the medical professionals who speak each month and keep track of the club’s funds.

“The aim of the club is to provide leadership to students because they run it, but at the same time to expose students to different medical professionals who are out there,” Knowles said. “We focus on things like, ‘What is it that the doctor does?’ When doctors come they talk about their journey, how they became a doctor and what they do on a daily basis.”

Students don’t always have an idea of what they’d like to study in college and could just want to find out more about the types of jobs in the medical area.

“I enjoy all of the different people who come to talk to us,” Davila said. “There’s such a wide variety, I feel like it really gave me a good idea of how many things you can go into and still be in the medical field.”

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What the Doctor Ordered