StuCo, Let’s Go

StuCo leaders welcome classes for the new school year.

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Kristen Pettibon

Executive StuCo President

Photo by Peyton Fehl

   Dear Class of 2019,

   We’re back for our very last year of high school. We are here to make memories, learn a lot while we still can and have the most school spirit in the state. As we begin this year, remember to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Join all the clubs you can, support our Liberty Athletics, go watch our plays and musicals and enjoy a laugh at Exit 1-6. Participate in as much as you can around the school including spirit days, volunteer opportunities and fundraisers.

   It’s our last year here and although it may not seem like it now, this year is going to be over before we know it. Talk to new people and make meaningful relationships that will stay with you throughout the rest of your life.

   Make sure to stay strong through both semesters to prepare for whatever is coming, whether it be college, work, military, or a different option.

   We are all important to Liberty High School and as the class of 2019, we need to work together and make our lasting mark here. I wish you all luck in your last year, make it one to remember!


Erin Manis

Senior Class President

Photo by Mara Fryer




   Senior year y’all. Let’s do this. I know that everybody makes a huge deal out of your last year of high school, but don’t take it all too seriously. It’s your last year to have fun here with the life you’ve been surrounded with for three years.

   Enjoy every moment and don’t wish it away or take anything for granted. Let’s make it the best year yet.





Jeffrey Taylor

Junior Class President

Photo by Alyssa Griffith

   Dear Fellow juniors,

   First and foremost I would like to thank you for electing me as your president for the 2018-2019 school year. This year is going to be great for leaving our mark on LHS and I am so excited to lead you.

   Now that we are upperclassmen we definitely have to start the year off right with some amazing class spirit paired

with a good GPA. We all know this is the year colleges will look at.

   This year I hope to accomplish a lot of great things that will improve student life  at LHS. Some things you can expect from me include increasing overall school spirit, changing our Liberty Hour and Advisory up and creating a panel of students to solve controversial problems first hand in the halls of LHS.    

   Also, expect the BEST PROM EVER!

   I hope you support my efforts and we have an amazing junior year and beyond.


Mily Talati

Sophomore Class President

Photo by Ashley Ritter

Class of 2021,

   I’m so honored to represent our class in StuCo as sophomore class president. I hope I can be a voice for our class and someone who advocates for changes we want to see.

   An incredible part of our school is the ability everyone has to work together and make changes. I want to be someone who takes your ideas and opinions and helps implement those changes. Our class has the potential to affect LHS in a multitude of ways.

   I know we can make sophomore year and LHS an enjoyable place where we can achieve our goals, excel in what we are passionate about and help the community.

   I hope the class of 2021 continues to have a great attitude about their education, extracurriculars and the things that make them unique. LHS Blue Jays, let’s make this year the best one yet!

   Wonder where the Freshman Class President is? Freshmen serve as representatives in their first year. StuCo wants to give freshmen a year of experience in the organization and in high school before they take on leadership roles. StuCo elections for class officers are held in the spring.

   For more information, click here!

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