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Zahra Khan

  Zahra Khan is a sophomore at LHS. It’s her second year on the Bell staff. She joined staff because she likes to write and wanted to improve her writing skills and be apart of a class that’s like a club. She wanted to be able to meet new people and basically be in a club. She enjoys to spend time with her dog, Rex. Over the summer her favorite memory was going to Yellowstone National park and seeing the geysers. Zahra described herself as a “ funny, loud and sometimes outgoing,” person and she doesn't always think before doing stuff. Depending on who she is with she can be shy and reserved, but with others she is outgoing and loud. If she could have one wish it would be for good health for her family and self. Her favorite subject in school is “science, and outside of school she play the violin”. Zahra is a part of the “Metropolitan Youth Orchestra” and spends a lot of time outside school practicing. Something that most people do not know about her is that she is the first generation in her family to be living in the U.S. She wants to attend college but is not sure where yet. Zahra has a great personality and is definitely worth getting to know.

Zahra Khan, Co News Editor

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