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Teegan Saunders
Senior Teegan Saunders is a four year veteran of the Bell where she is currently the design editor.  During her years at the Bell, Saunders developed her writing and editing skills as well as design and pagination.

“I joined newspaper my freshman year because I’ve always wanted to be very involved in school,” Saunders said.  “I said to myself, ‘I’m really good at writing, and I’m very good with literature, so why don’t I try newspaper?”

She plans to attend Mizzou and study literature, then pursue her goal of becoming a publisher.  She doesn’t know if she want to publish books, magazines or newspapers, but she does know that she wants to publish.

Besides spending her time designing the Bell pages, Saunders spends a lot of time working at Hy-Vee and caring for her siblings. She has recently taken over the role of cooking for the family on occasion. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and reading books.

Saunders also has a fluctuating favorite color.

“It’s very dependent on my mood, but not necessarily in a bad way,” Saunders said. “Just because I’m wearing black doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood , it’s more about what am I going to portray to the world today. Am I going to be bright and flashy, or I going to portray subtlety, that sort of thing.”

Saunders strives to be a source of positivity in other people's lives in the newspaper, with her friends, and with her family.

Teegan Saunders, Graphic Design

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