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Joey O’Kelly
Senior Joey O’Kelly, otherwise known as the cool Newspaper dad, is President of the Spanish Honors Society, President of the Young Democrats, member of the Diversity Council Leadership, Commissioner of LINK Crew, Managing Editor of Newspaper, member of Breakfast Club and a member of Teen Advisory Group.

As President of the Spanish Honors Society, O’Kelly promotes the study of Spanish language and culture. O’Kelly is also the President of the Young Democrats, a club which spreads awareness about Democratic issues and participates in Democratic campaigns.

Outside of school, O’Kelly is a member of TAG or Teen Advisory Group at the MidContinent Public Library. TAG helps to give teenagers a place to hang out by hosting game nights, craft nights, and book clubs. O’Kelly can also be seen working at Charlie’s Car Wash.

Back in the eighth grade, O’Kelly was worried about whether he was going to be able to make friends in high school. “When the high schoolers told us about the bonds they had formed with each other, I decided to join newspaper,” O’Kelly said. O’Kelly also wanted a way to express his creative side and felt like Newspaper was the best solution to both problems.

For his senior year, O’Kelly is excited about multiple things. For one, O’Kelly can’t wait to sit in the front row at football games. O’Kelly is also excited to attend the dances and have a good time with everyone.

However, O’Kelly said he is most excited to pick his future college. “I’ve been spending so much time doing research, going on visits, and filling out applications,” O’Kelly said. “So it’ll be nice once I’m all done and have a plan for what I’m doing after high school.”

O’Kelly takes a lot of pride about how compassionate and empathetic he is. “I know that people always say ‘nice guys finish last,’ but I feel like a winner anyway,” O’Kelly said. With his compassionate and empathetic mindset, O’Kelly has made great friends and has built great relationships.

In his free time, O’Kelly can often be seen playing many musical instruments. O’Kelly plays the guitar, cello, bass, drums and the ukulele. O’Kelly’s crazy dream job would to one day become a musician.

One of the items on O’Kelly’s to-do list would be to perform at a music festival. “I think it would be really cool to play my own music and have an audience that’s jamming out as much as I am,” O’Kelly said.

After school, O’Kelly wants to do something in the political field, such as political campaign manager or political data analyst. However, O’Kelly isn’t 100% sure. His other options include high school government teacher, college professor, or even a copy editor.

“One of my best friends and I also had an idea of a ‘back up plan’ of sorts.” O’Kelly said. “If neither of our careers works out, we plan to open a coffee shop/record store called ‘Cup of Joe’. It would have coffee, records and live music.” Although O’Kelly has a lot of different career choices, he knows he will be happy with whatever he chooses.

Joey O'Kelly, Managing Editor

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