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Jenna Spence
Senior Jenna Spence is planning on hitting it out of the park this school year. With a packed schedule that includes softball, newspaper and the Education Internship Program, Spence has a packed senior year.

Spence will be joining the Emporia State University softball team next fall. For the time being, she is on the varsity softball team for LHS.

“I’m excited to see what this team does,” Spence said. “My teammates and my coaches voted Autumn Avery and I to be the team captains, so that’s something to look forward to everyday after school.”

Spence has been a member of The Bell staff since the beginning of her freshman year. While she started as an admittedly scared freshman, she developed her skills over the years and earned the Managing Editor position for her senior year.

“ I am excited to take hold of the organizational part of newspaper and making sure everything is where it’s supposed to be in the most organized way possible,” Spence said. “Ever since my freshman year on staff I’ve noticed little things that could be better and could be more organized, so now that I'm the one who is doing all of that I’m excited to see how organized we can be.”

Newspaper not only grew her organization and management skills, but actually gave her a clearer idea of her future.

“The biggest change between freshman year and now is that freshman year I wanted to be a journalist,” Spence said. “Seeing my peers lead the classroom made me realize that I would much rather be leading a classroom. Newspaper has helped me realize that I want to be a teacher.”

In between softball games and deadline nights, Spence leaves some space in her schedule for her friends, who she has developed a strong bond with during high school.

“My friends are very important to me,” Spence said. “I’ve had two best friends since freshman year and we have gone through so much together, just the three of us. They’re a big part of my life and I spend a lot of time with them.”

Jenna Spence, Managing Editor

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