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Grace Buehler
Senior Grace Buehler really has her mind set on what she wants to do when she graduates. While in LHS’ very own EIP (Educational Internship Program), she is focusing on getting into the University of Missouri-Columbia next year and getting a degree in elementary education to specialize in early childhood ed.

“My favorite part of the EIP is getting to see all the kids and sit with them during playtime and just learn about their personalities," Buehler said.

Over the summer, she worked in a kindergarten classroom at Ridgeview elementary with teacher Beth Rieger. Now, Buehler has recently been working with Mrs. Moats and her kindergarten class.

Her summer really was packed, as she took the time to tan at the pool, go to her lake house at the Lake of the Ozarks, hang out with her cheer team friends. And she also traveled Washington D.C. to visit her family that was stationed there for the military.

When summer ended and the school year began, Buehler was happy to join the school’s newspaper staff for her second year. She thought of it as a great way to improve her writing skills and meet new people.

“I love our newspaper family and am excited to see what this year brings,” Buehler said.

While trying to balance her job at the concession stand at Fountain Bluff  with school and cheerleading, she still finds time to partake in club activities. Buehler is a part of the LHS’ Key club, a club for community services.

She also helps further her high school experience by being in the National Honors Society, an organization for high school students based on character, leadership, service, and academic achievements. It helps encourage and give opportunities to the exceptional students in their high school.

Overall, Grace does her best to succeed and tries her hardest to be a leader in high school.

Grace Buehler, Social Media Editor

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