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Elizabeth Gammon
Elizabeth Gammon is a Sophomore at LHS. She is a returning member to the Newspaper staff and this year she is the Social Chairman. Inside of school she is in Women's Honor Choir and, of course, on the Newspaper team. Outside of school she hangs out with her friends, plays with her dog Rory and goes to dance practice. Her dog Rory is a Jack Russell Terrier Pug mix with a pearly white under bite. She is also very passionate about dance. She has been dancing at Stars Unlimited Dance for more than a decade and loves every second of it. Another thing she is passionate about is her family.

“I love hanging out with my family.” Gammon said. “I could talk to my Mom and sister for hours if they’d let me. My grandparents on both sides visit my house often and it’s great seeing them every time. I especially love seeing my little cousins Ella and Lewis because I don’t get to see them often. They constantly make me laugh and I wish I could see them more.”

Something some people won’t know about her is she loves making short videos and films.

“In eighth grade I took a broadcasting class to test it out and I ended up loving it!” Gammon said. “Most of my films consisted of my family and especially my dog Rory. I did everything from a silent movie called “Finding Rory” to a horror preview called “Roary”. When we got new laptops at the beginning of Freshman year everything got deleted and that was really sad but I’ve continued to make more films and I definitely will in the future.”

Overall Elizabeth is a very enthusiastic person with a positive attitude and has a love for her passions.

Elizabeth Gammon, Social Chairman

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